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First group selected in the first competition organised by the Foundation in 2022.



BANALENKE is a group of 6 musicians and a dancer, the result of the meeting of two worlds, that of West and Central Africa and that of Belgian musicians trained in academies and in numerous multidisciplinary performances on the Belgian scene.


This produces an energetic, danceable music, rich in the mixture of the musicians' voices which are tuned around the vocals of Madi, the vocal leader, and the saxophone of Hugues.The djembe, the guitar, the balafon; the N'goni are, in turn, stimulated by Francky's omnipresent bass.


A specificity of Banalenke is enriched by Zeno's use of so-called pataphonic instruments (instruments made from recycled objects).The group is clearly having fun swinging the tempo while Ousmane the dancer leads the audience in improvised and often elegant movements. 

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