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The Time... One of the essential elements to offer you a traditional and quality beer. The time... We are obliged to note a very important change in production, distribution and promotion. For its viability and competitiveness, a brewery must take into account many criteria and obligations in order to promote its development.


There is no need to recall the consequences of the "Covid19" followed by the energy crisis. The impact of all its past, present and future crises requires a new vision. The latter is not at all based on the trend towards better, ethical and responsible consumption. Even if we adhere to this philosophy, which is useful for saving an endangered planet, we have created our business model mainly on a pragmatic rather than philosophical realism.


We note that the prices applied in transport costs as well as the new obligations and legal decisions of countries are increasingly blocking the export potential. To be more precise, some countries no longer accept the import of beers produced in the country of origin or they demand conditions that do not allow competitiveness, or requires production in their country..


Increasingly confronted with this reality, MUSIC BEER decides to change its principles when necessary by harmonizing its brand development with the culture of the "Local Food Network, ethical and responsible » by collaborating with local producers. It is understood that this change is applied mainly for exports that cross European borders or that require ocean crossings with excessive financial charges.

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