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BANALENKE is a group of 6 musicians and a dancer, the result of the meeting of two worlds, that of West and Central Africa and that of Belgian musicians trained in academies and in numerous multidisciplinary performances on the Belgian scene. This produces an energetic, danceable music, rich in the mixture of the musicians' voices which are tuned around the vocals of Madi, the vocal leader, and the saxophone of Hugues.The djembe, the guitar, the balafon; the N'goni are, in turn, stimulated by Francky's omnipresent bass.A specificity of Banalenke is enriched by Zeno's use of so-called pataphonic instruments (instruments made from recycled objects).The group is clearly having fun swinging the tempo while Ousmane the dancer leads the audience in improvised and often elegant movements.


When Africa and Belgium create the atmosphere !!!

It was in 1989 that a few musicians from the Harmonie Royale Saint-Charles de Floreffe decided to form a small mobile street entertainment group.
In the years that followed, new, more experienced musicians joined the group, replacing older members who wanted to leave.
Very quickly, in the early 90s, the group turned to a repertoire of New Orleans and Dixieland jazz.
These repertoires, which are festive and accessible to audiences of all ages, have delighted many event organisers, from neighbourhood parties and wedding receptions to Christmas markets and school and family celebrations.


Les Croqu'Noires can't help but draw you into the pleasures of the party.

DC Snakebuster is the one-man band of Frank Declerq from Brabant's Tildonk, near Wespelaar, where they invent "blues for the people" every year. So Frank must have something to do with blues. He was into music as a teenager, first learning to play the violin. When he was 14, he presented his own show on a local radio and learned to play drums. Together with friends, he entertained in several hard rock bands, but eventually, as a musician, he wanted to (be able to) do everything on his own. After some experimenting and trying out different instruments, he discovered the cigar box guitar and the one-man band became a reality. Frank hit the streets and venues, made himself heard at various festivals (and accompanying campsites) and toured in France. r Image


DC-Snakebuster is a one-man band Musical Heroes are Honored Pumping Guitar Grooves Thumping Foot Drums.

A great duo for covering songs of all genres and languages. Roland BIANCHINI Duo is a one-man band with all the greatest hits. A small band that provides a great atmosphere for your bar, restaurant, club, event... at very reasonable prices.


A great duo for covering songs of all genres and languages.

LAZY-JACK, an acoustic duo with 2 voices and 2 instruments, revisits with a lot of passion but also with emotions and laughter, songs that will make you vibrate or dance, in French, English, Spanish and Italian! 

Great covers but also original compositions.


The harmony of two voices that sound strangely good together...

New Variety Orchestra offers a wide range of variety music (e.g. James Last, Mac Arthur Park, Tico Tico, Besame mucho, American patrol etc....), for concerts of more or less two hours. The duration of the concerts can be adapted, depending on demand.

The ensemble preferably performs indoors, but any proposal to perform outdoors can be considered, as long as the venue is equipped, at a minimum, for proper musical purposes.

Putting variety music in the spotlight, preserving values such as willingness, pleasure and quality, offering the fruit of teamwork to all audiences, contributing to the sustainability of the voluntary music movement, these are the main objectives that the New Variety Orchestra intends to achieve.


The big band that set the fire on stage with hits from all over the world...

A great sound + great moves + talent + good humour = a crazy audience that wants more. They're not 3 musicians, they're really 1 exceptional TRIO of madness. A great band with a warm, friendly atmosphere and top musicians who will take you back to Elvis PRESLEY in the 60s and 70s.


The Rock'N'Roll trio take you back to the 60s and 70s, when Elvis Presley was never far away...

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