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As part of its commitment to supporting music, MUSIC BEER has set up its own Foundation whose mission is to support artists. Production, publishing, promotion and management are some of the areas of activity dealt with within the MUSIC BEER Foundation, but also in collaboration with like-minded professionals.


Created by one of the founders of MUSIC BEER, the labels LYRAE & KROKO Music are already at the heart of the Foundation to use the experience of independent music production since 1994.

In practice, a percentage of 3% of the sales profit is used to support the artists. The choice of the artists produced will be determined by professionals in music creation and based on the invitation to the artists to send their project to the MUSIC BEER Foundation.

The MUSIC BEER FOUNDATION also pays attention to the places of expression, without these spaces, it must be recognized that artists without recognition from the music industry cannot demonstrate their talent. Aware of the vital necessity of these places of expression, the FOUNDATION is committed to supporting them through practical, financial and logistical interventions...

Festival de Musique


Support for artists, musicians, composers, groups for their public performances in all venues.

Équipement de musique


Support for music production with our label LYRAE&KROKO Music. Recording, promotion and distribution are part of our mission.

Restaurant Bistro


Our mission is also focused on supporting venues to enable musicians to showcase their talent on stages... big or small.

Musician, composer, band...

If you have a musical project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our committee will give your request its full attention.

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