The light blond, slightly cloudy colour gives a thirst-quenching impression. The nose is floral and slightly hoppy. The foam is fine and compact, the fizz is frank and pleasant. The bitterness is present at the beginning of the mouth without being too strong, which makes the beer enjoyable for light beer lovers. The malts are identifiable by the sweet cereal flavour which combines perfectly with the light bitterness. The finish is dry and calls for the next sip.

Alc. 7°

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Reasonable in alcohol... but not in taste! Enhanced by balanced hopping, our IPA is brewed with Mosaic hops, which have citrus, tropical and berry notes, combined with herbal, earthy and piney notes.

Alc. 6°



Six varieties of malt, including two kilned malts, have been specifically selected to give it a beautiful brown colour and a strong malty aroma, typical of brown beers. Thanks to the two types of hops chosen, a slight bitterness completes its generous body while a hint of brown sugar completes its roundness in the mouth.

Alc. 7°